Free online education

12 May

Free tertiary education is available through the intermediary Coursera. There are courses which a provided by top universities such as Princeton and Stanford! A range of courses from multiple categories are offered such as computer science, mathematics and social sciences. Personally, I feel that it probably doesn’t act as a complete substitute to tertiary education in it’s current state as the courses do not follow the complete syllabus as taught on campus. However, I have completed a course ‘Design and Analysis of Algorithms I’ and found it extremely useful in the short duration of 5 weeks which it lasted. Video lectures were provided by a highly competent lecturer and there are regular assessments to test your knowledge just like a real university course. A certificate of completion is even awarded by the end of it if a certain grade has been achieved. Also, did I mention that all of this is free?

I expect online education like this will be more prevalent in the future which I believe can only be a good thing.


One Response to “Free online education”

  1. hai May 12, 2012 at 4:23 pm #

    Thats awesome as!

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